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Enduro Bearings 6900 LLU MAX – 10x22x6



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Enduro Bearings 6900 LLU MAX – 10x22x6.

”ABEC 3 radial MAX bearing with 10 mm inner diameter, 22 mm outer diameter, 6 mm thickness and double-lip type sealing with strong contact, making a labyrinth seal.

MAX bearings are designed specifically for suspension pivots, Enduro Bearings pioneered MAX type bearings almost 20 years ago for bicycles to address the challenges associated with mountain bike pivots. These bearings have 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings. They accomplish this with a special design where the maximum number of balls are inserted into the bearing. The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. LLU seals give maximum protection against the elements, while keeping the 90% fill of Almagard Extra High Pressure Grease inside.

ABEC 3 bearings use grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls and 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races.
The high precision balls are within 10/1.000.000″ round, twice as round as the industry standard, at it’s highest level.
The alloy races are made from a vacuum de-gassed process for the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement. The riveted Steel Retainer stands for toughness, ABEC-3 tolerances and noise tested.”

Tuotenumero: EB-8042

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