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PTN R-Evolution 27,5″ rengasinsertti



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PTN Pepi′s Tire Noodle R-Evolution rengasinsertit maastopyöriin. Pakkauksessa 2kpl inserttejä, käyttöohjeet ja yhteensopivat tubelessventtiilit.

R-Evolution, the Revolution of the Evolution!

A revolutionized dynamic foam structure that was developed with big effort and the know-how of many years of special tire inserts development.
During the long and expensive development period, the prototypes were adjusted step by step to achieve the best possible shape. Our world cup racers, who are playing a major part in the development, say that this is the best tire insert they’ve ever cycled; some of them use R-Evolution in all races and trainings. 2020 is the Olympia year and R-Evolution will also be used by some strong racers.
The structure and the unique material have been specially developed for this purpose and is therefore an exclusive material that only exists for PTN worldwide. R-Evolution, as a new additional product line to the already existing and successful PTN products Rokkline and RaceLine, is a line that is intended for the highest demands and for the whole performance. In addition to the good properties of Rokkline and Raceline, R-Evolution offers the highest level of tire sidewall stability (precise steering) and best protection against tire burb (less tire sidewall rollover). In addition, there is a good rim protection with very low rolling resistance on all surfaces. The intelligent design and choice of materials has made it possible to achieve a light weight which, compared to the ultra-light Racline / Rokkline, lies approximately in the middle; For example, a PTN R-Evolution 29 S – XC Marathon weighs approximately 66 g. The resulting product range will include all models that ambitious bikers need. Size and even the shape structure are adapted to each specific application. No other manufacturer in the world offers such features.

The launch of the 2020 R-Evolution product range starts December 2019 with the model XC Marathon/All Mountain sizes ?S? and S/M and will be completed in early 2020 with the size M/L

XC / Cross Country: If you use extra wide rims (outside width 35mm/2.4 tires) then youn can also use M/L size. This option of maximum rim protection.

Tekniset tiedot

Valmistaja: PTN Pepi′s Tire Noodle
Malli: R-Evolution
Koko: 27,5″
Vanteen sisäleveys: S (25-29mm), SM (29-35mm), ML(30-46mm)
Renkaan leveys: S (2.0-2.25″), SM (2.2-2.4″), ML(2.3-2.8″)
Paino: S(65g), SM(75g), ML(105g)

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