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XLAB Stealth Pocket 400 XP



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XLAB Stealth Pocket 400 XP – A strap mounted bag for integrated stems or cables entering top tube. Holds typically 6 gels. Four easily accessible exterior pockets end the risk of dropping small vitals when they are needed most. Volume 0,38l and weight only 76 grams.

Aerodynamic Design

  • Optimal height and width reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers with no increase in frontal area
  • 5:1 ratio airfoil design for lowest possible drag

Focus on the Road: Smarter Features for Carefree Storage

  • No more fumbling for the small vitals, or risk dropping them when they are needed most. Tuck away salt, electrolyte or Ibuprofen tablets into one of the 4 exterior pockets
  • Pockets are highly elasticized to keep items protected yet easily accessible
  • Large, easy-pull zipper for ease of access to main compartment even when race day adrenaline is at its peak
  • Contents are highly visible against silver interior

Installs Quickly and Stays in Place

  • Non-slip bottom for steady storage
  • Structured inserts retain aero shape
  • Three long Velcro straps conform to a variety of top tube shapes

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